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Company History

BETCO was started in Statesville, North Carolina in 1984 for the purpose of manufacturing high quality self-storage and agricultural buildings

International Division - Statesville, North Carolina

This division specializes in the design and manufacture of prefabricated agricultural houses for poultry and swine. A unique line of steel buildings were designed and developed to be compatible with a range of cold, moderate or tropical climates. Through both proper insulation and ventilation, building temperature and air quality can be controlled. Insulation prevents heat transfer from the sun in warm climates and heat loss in cool climates. Tunnel ventilation and evaporative cooling can be adjusted to neutralize interior temperatures to the desired effect.

Most Opportunities Are Overseas

Because most U.S. building codes are not as stringent as overseas codes BETCO has concentrated on foreign markets. However, BETCO's combination of metal and wooden buildings are far superior to most wooden structures used in the domestic market. As a consequence, the future looks promising in U.S. markets.

The Superiority Of Steel

BETCO's functional, modular steel buildings incorporate structural flexibility for housing broiler, commercial laying hens, breeders and commercial swine.

Buildings To Suit Your Needs

Since BETCO designs, engineers and manufactures its own buildings, they are in a unique position to customize structures to fit specific client requirements and successfully operate in any geographic location.